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Discount Vision Services Program - Opti-Vision

The Network
Opti-Vision is processed through the National Vision Administrators (NVA) network and the PSEA Health & Welfare Fund. Chances are there is an Opti-Vision care provider in your area.

The Program
You must go to a NVA provider to receive Opti-Vision discounts.   Opti-Vision has been designed to be simple and easy to use.  Upon completion of the enrollment process, you will receive an ID card.  Present your ID card to a participating provider, tell the provider what you need, and they will work with you. 

The Opti-Vision program has been designed as a discount program.There are no forms to complete. There is no reimbursement process. You will receive discounts from the participating provider before you pay your bill.


You may enroll in the program for one or two years, the cost is $18.00 for one year or $30.00 for two years. The program covers the member, spouse, and dependent children to the end of the month of the 26th birthday.

To take advantage of this opportunity, complete an enrollment card. All sections must be completed to expedite processing. Remember to include your social security number and signature.

Opti-Vision Brochure

Opti-Vision Find a Provider  

Lasik Discount Program


Both NVA and PSEA reserve the right to amend the plan from time to time or to terminate the plan.