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Group Disability

It’s a sobering fact: Nearly one-third of us may become disabled by illness or accident before we retire.[1]  Disability is not just caused by freak accidents. In fact, it is often caused by conditions such as arthritis, cancer, pregnancy or heart disease.[2] Think about it: If you lost your job, how would you pay for your health insurance or your mortgage? If you are thinking Federal Social Security Disability, please know that more than half will likely be denied. [3]

Being unable to work due to a disability is one of the greatest financial threats employees can face. Disability Insurance helps replace that lost paycheck. It keeps families going by providing funds for day-to-day living, medical expenses, medical insurance and more. 

 Plan features

  • Voluntary, member-paid
  • Group rates
  • Statewide plan: rates pooled with other PA districts
  • Flat rates: do not increase with age
  • Covers pregnancy
  • Covers mental/ emotional illness and substance abuse
  • No medical questions if 25% of employees enroll during the initial offering
  • Optional Health Insurance Premium Coverage Available 
  • Monthly benefit levels from $500 to $5000


For more information, contact the following agent: 

Bob Crook      

Office: 814.943.9099



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